Yoga for Singers

Allowing singers to explore and free their voice, body and mind through yoga, breath work and vocal techniques.

Rosie offers individual lessons and group workshops in person and online. Explore the site to find out more about how yogic techniques can help you find your voice.

How can Vox Yoga benefit me?

Yoga is fantastic for every body!

Individual lessons are completely tailored to your needs and group workshops are a chance to explore different yoga postures, stretches and vocal techniques. Whether you've never done yoga before, want to explore your vocal ability or are a professional singer or voice user, Rosie works with all levels.

Connect the body, breath, mind and voice

This could be for you if:

You want to improve your vocal health

You hold tension that may be affecting your voice

You feel you need to improve your alignment

You want to increase lung capacity and understand more about your breath

You struggle with performance anxiety

You want to explore the relationship between the body and the voice

You're a singer who enjoys yoga or would like to give it a go

All of the above!

This is suitable for all levels and you don't need any previous yoga experience.



Rosie Secker has been teaching professionally for the last ten years. Rosie has worked with students, singers, actors and voice users of all ages and levels, privately and at top institutions.

Whilst giving students a solid technical grounding, Rosie likes to encourage a holistic approach to voice learning. As Rosie's personal yoga practice developed she saw the great potential for yoga to support the voice and certified as a 200 hr yoga teacher.

Rosie has seen the need in her students to unlock the body and the mind to truly free the voice and has since developed the successful method of Vox Yoga.

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Vox Yoga for


For: Everyone

Great For:

Exploring your personal goals

Freeing the body and breath

Finding your voice

Gaining confidence to speak up

Vocal and physical health

Focusing the mind

No yoga or vocal experience needed - just a willingness to learn!

Vox Yoga for

Professional Voice Users

For: Singers, Actors, Public Speakers, Teachers, Voice Students

Great For:

Your specific needs and vocal goals

Exploring how to approach different vocal qualities

Increasing range, power and strength

Performance anxiety

Apply to specific repertoire

Practical application of vocal and physical anatomy



body - breath - mind - voice