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Rosie Secker has been teaching professionally for the last ten years. Rosie has worked with students, singers, actors and voice users of all ages and levels, privately and at top institutions. Rosie trained at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and has performed as a soloist all over the UK and Europe.

With a keen interest in vocal technique and voice science, Rosie trained in Estill Vocal Technique. This has given Rosie the tools to understand how to approach each genre and colour of the voice whilst allowing students to understand the technique and have a healthy approach. Whilst giving students a solid technical grounding, Rosie likes to encourage a holistic approach to voice learning. As Rosie's personal yoga practice developed she saw the great potential for yoga to support the voice and certified as a 200 hr yoga teacher. Rosie is currently undertaking her 300 hr qualification.

Rosie has seen the need in her students to unlock the body and the mind to truly free the voice and has since developed the successful method of Vox Yoga.

About Vox Yoga

Rosie has used her knowledge of the voice, yoga and teaching skills to develop her classes and workshops. Rosie has been teaching voice for ten years and has a huge knowledge base of what works for different singers. Every body and voice is unique and having lessons starts your journey.

Rosie has found that a lot of people struggle to free up the body and finding the right alignment, which is key to a healthy voice. Our vocal folds are the size of our finger nail and they make all of our sound all day - they need some help from our body! Rosie has worked with a lot of students and singers who suffer from performance anxiety. Yoga had such a positive effect on Rosie's voice - body - mind connection and realised it could also be of value to her students.

Rosie's classes and workshops include a mix of yoga flow, vocal exercises, vocalising whilst moving, breath work, yin yoga (holding stretches) and meditation. Why not try it for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of trying something new can be daunting, here Rosie answers some FAQs to reassure you. If you have any further questions, just drop us an email!

Is this a singing lesson or a yoga class?

It's often a bit of both! In individual lessons we discuss your vocal goals and anything you struggle with or may like to address. We then use elements of yoga to release the body and free the voice. It's likely we will do some stretches, possibly a short flow, some vocal exercises and sing a song. Group classes will cover all of these within a session.

I've never done yoga before - will this be suitable for me?

Yes! These classes are for anyone and are a great exploration in to beginner yoga that's tailored just for you. Why not try out a group class to get a feel for what the classes cover.

I'm not flexible - will I be able to do the yoga sections of the class?

Yoga isn't about being flexible, it's about connection. We often get initimidated seeing advanced inversions on Instagram but that's not what yoga is about. Everyone's body is different and we're all flexible in different ways. There will always be modifications to suit all levels and also, yoga will improve your flexibility!

Is this all sound bowls and chanting?

There are some fantastic teachers that use these tools and methods. I personally don't use sound bowls and lots of chanting, we explore the voice in an accessible way. I used to get nervous at the thought of even saying 'om' in a yoga class and now I absolutely love a good om! You do have to give some of these techniques a chance and they can feel strange at first. However, your practice is yours and you can do as much as you wish. Chanting can be great to focus the mind though so never say never!

I'm a professional singer, how will you help me?

I too sing professionally and have performed in operas, musicals and at jazz clubs. You will know your voice better than anyone and you'll know what you need out of the lesson/workshop. Maybe you hold tension somewhere, struggle with vocal stamina, need to improve support to sustain a high belt or need some techniques to keep your breath calm during performances. We'll work together to find the best method for you.

I'm not a singer but I love the sound of this, can I try a class?

These classes can be for anyone! Whether you're an interested yogi or just want to try something new, the first step is to see if you like it and if it benefits you. I promise you, you will be able to do everything in a first class. Why not check out some of my online resources to see if it might be what you're looking for.

I'm a yoga teacher, can you help me improve my speaking voice?

Yoga teachers often struggle to find their voice. Keeping students calm and focused, leading them confidently and being your authentic self. I'd be happy to work with you to integrate voice work in to the familiarity of yoga.