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Move with ease, Sing with ease

Vinyasa & Voice | Freedom & Flow

A full body practice exploring connected and free movement. Flowing with the breath allows us to stretch and move more efficiently, creating a sense of energy throughout the body whilst regulating the nervous system.

We will transfer this sense of freedom in the body to our voice, finding a smooth, connected and free sound.

This class uses yoga flow and elements of yoga to connect to the breath, release unnecessary tension, improve alignment, add voice to movement and focus the mind. Every sequence and flow is designed with singers in mind, a more active class that cultivates awareness of the voice. Everything is connected! Suitable for all levels, everyone welcome.

Upcoming Classes

Sunday 16th May

Vinyasa & Voice | Freedom & Flow


Live & Recorded so if you can't make it, you can still access the class for 7 days after!

Each class is £10 and will take place on Zoom.

You'll be sent a confirmation once booked and link will be emailed the day before.

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Bespoke Workshops

Rosie regularly runs bespoke workshops for colleges, performing arts schools and independent organisations.

Here are some examples of the types of sessions available:

Yoga for Singers

Rosie's most popular class. We use yoga flow and elements of yoga to connect to the breath, release unnecessary tension, improve alignment, add voice to movement, free the voice and focus the mind.

Yoga for Performance Anxiety

A relaxing class to calm the mind. Breath work, slow flow, gentle vocalising, visualisation and techniques to apply to performance situations.

Yoga for the Spoken Voice

Following a similar format to the Singers workshop but the vocalising focuses on speech and finding a connected and clear tone.

Find Your Voice

A fun workshop for beginners to explore singing with ease and freedom. Connect the voice to movement, release inhibitions in the body and the mind and find your true singing voice.

Sing & Move

A specialist workshop for primary schools to give children the chance to free their body, mind and voice. Rosie previously worked as Leader for Singing Projects for a county hub and is experienced in creating and leading exciting and innovative workshops for children.

For more information regarding each workshop and to discuss logistics, content and rates, please email Rosie.